Because we don’t have a captain like SON… “Man Utd captain’s locker room appeal ignored by four”

Manchester United seem to be suffering from a lack of unity. It has been compared to Tottenham Hotspur’s family-like atmosphere after they named Son Heung-min as their new captain.

“Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro’s locker room appeals were ignored by four United players,” the Mirror reported on Nov. 21 (ET). Fernandes is United’s captain and Casemiro is the eldest brother and moral support.

Earlier in the day, United faced Bayern Munich in the first leg of their 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League Group A qualifier at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, and lost 3-4. They scored three goals but conceded four and hung their heads in shame.

The Mirror reports that “United players suffered a crushing defeat at home to Brighton on Saturday. Fernandes and Casemiro were among those in the Old Trafford dressing room after the game to reflect on why they lost.

United lost to Brighton 1-3 in the fifth round of the Premier League. In the fourth round, they were brought to their knees by Arsenal, 1-3. They’ve lost three straight official games and conceded 10 goals. The defense is completely disorganized.

The Mirror reports that ‘the two players (Fernandes and Casemiro) have been vocal in their belief that United need to rebuild their cohesion and become a team that, while they may not be the best, will not be beaten easily. Basically, they need to defend better.

However, their appeal was dashed after just four minutes against Bayern. United conceded back-to-back goals in the 28th and 32nd minutes to 사설토토 lose the lead. The first was a goalkeeping error, but the second was the result of grainy defense. United’s right flank was completely open for Jamal Moussaoui. With all eyes on him, Gnabry was unmarked. Moussaoui passed to Gnabry, who finished with a no-mark.

“Diogo Dalot should have been on Moussa Alli, Lissandro Martinez should have been on Gnabry, and Sergio Reguilon should have been on Harry Kane,” said former United legend Paul Scholes. I don’t know what Martinez did.”

The Mirror added: “Dalot, Martinez, Reggilon and goalkeeper Onana were all foolish. They failed to show anything resembling unity at a time when United needed it. They let the other players down. Their lack of unity cost them dearly,” he said.


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