OK Finance and Woori Card split points, but what do the coaches find in the disappointment?

“It could have been a three-point match, but….”

OK Financial Group’s men’s volleyball team earned two points with a 3-2 set victory over Woori Card at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Monday. The result was somewhat disappointing considering that they dominated their opponents in the first set. OK Financial Group won the first set 25-19 and took a commanding lead in the second set, 토토 outscoring Woori Card 16-9, but couldn’t hold on to a seven-point lead and lost the second set.

There are no assumptions in sports, but if OK Financial Group had won the second set in a row, it could have been a shutout victory. “It could have been a three-point game, but I want to give them a lot of credit for winning,” said OK Financial Group head coach Masashi Ogino. “I want to praise them for not losing focus even when they went to a full set.” With the victory, OK Financial Group increased its points tally to 52, widening the gap between itself and fourth-place KEPCO to five points and raising the possibility of ‘spring volleyball’.

Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol was relieved to have secured a point after the loss, as he was hoping to capitalize on the performance of Song Myung-geun, who came off the bench in the second set. With 60 points, second-place Woori Card narrowed the gap to four points over leader Korean Air with one less game played.

“I think the battle for first and second place will be outlined in the next three games or so,” said Shin. “One point can make the difference in the standings, so it’s a good thing we secured a point in a game we could have lost 0-3,” Shin said.



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