Crazy Coin Flip – How to Play

The purpose of the game is to qualify for a live bonus game by collecting three scattered symbols at the qualification stage. Before entering the bonus live game, you will be given the opportunity to increase the multiplier at the top-up stage.


To qualify for the Coin Flip Bonus Round, you must land three symbols scattered on one lap using a five-turn three-row slope machine. Some scattered symbols have multiplication. After qualification, all multiplication of the variance symbol is added. This value is used to increase the multiplier for the Coin Flip premium round. A “turbo” button is introduced for gamers who prefer faster games, which can shorten the rotation time by switching between the “normal” and “turbo” speed modes. 카지노사이트

SPin Mode

There are three turn modes: normal spin, XXXTrempin, and Super XX Trempin. The bets selected in the normal rotation mode are the default bets and are used to calculate revenue. You can enable either of the two XXXtime turn modes to help you rate them faster. The XXTreme rotation mode ensures a distributed symbol for each rotation at a cost 5 times that of the base bet. The Super XXXTreme rotation mode is 50 times more expensive than the default betting, but guarantees two distributed symbols per rotation. The XXXtreme tour also offers more frequent multipliers.


Once qualified, you enter the counterclockwise top-up phase where you can increase the multiplier. At this stage, there is a three-wheel slot machine with symbols of red and blue coins, each with a multiplication value. If you want to increase the multiplier value, you can choose to increase your bet. Collect three symbols of the same color coin in the center column to obtain a multiplier. The value of the obtained multiplier shall be added to the Top-Up total multiplier for the color, red or blue of the obtained coin. At the end of the day, you will be transferred live to a coin flip bonus round. If you qualify just before the bonus round begins, you can stay in the top round and continue to rise and go around the top round.


A coin flip bonus round with a live game moderator generates multipliers for both sides of the coin. These multipliers will contribute to their total revenue and are common to all players. After receiving the multiplier of additional currency rounds, all the multipliers (cater multiplication, top-up multiplication, and coin multiplication) are calculated together and displayed separately on the blue and red sides of the coin. The game host will take out a lever to throw a coin. Looking up either side of the coin is considered the result of the Coin Flip bond round and is paid according to the multiplier of the coin.


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