Former Man Utd midfield core ‘shocked’ to hear fan lunged at, brawl with…violence suspected

Video footage has emerged of former Manchester United player Ander Herrera approaching a soccer fan and attempting to engage him in a violent fight.

“Former United midfielder Herrera was caught on video having a heated conversation with a fan after he decided not to return to his youth club Real Zaragoza this summer,” the Daily Mail reported on Thursday (ET).

In the 28-second video, Herrera is seen drinking and hanging out with a group of friends when a fan approaches him and asks, “What kind of Zaragoza star are you?” Herrera then gets up, walks over to the fan and bumps into him, all the while saying, “What’s going on?” and making nervous comments.

The video shakes violently as Herrera throws his body violently. Herrera can be seen raising his hands in the air, but it’s hard to tell what happened after that, as the video is unclear. It’s believed that a violent confrontation took place. Feeling threatened, the fan immediately ran away, but the video ends with Herrera chasing after him.

The incident comes in the context of Herrera signing a new contract with Athletic Bilbao. Herrera grew up in Zaragoza and worked his way up to the first team. After showing his talent in Zaragoza, he moved to Bilbao, where his good form earned him a move to Manchester United.

After leaving United, Herrera went on to play for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) before returning to Bilbao. At the end of his career, Herrera said he 메이저토토사이트 would return to Zaragoza at some point. When his contract with Bilbao expired at the end of the 2023-2024 season, it looked like he would return to Zaragoza, but he opted to re-sign with Bilbao.

Zaragoza fans feel betrayed by Herrera. Zaragoza currently play in Spain’s Segunda División (second division). Herrera, born in 1989, wanted to play in a better environment.

Herrera had a difficult decision to make, with complicated interests at play. A fan provoked him a bit. Herrera reacted violently, lunging at the fan and chasing after him as he ran away, a rare act.

While the fan’s provocation was not a good move, Herrera’s response was 안전놀이터 also unprofessional. Had he resorted to violence, it could have been very controversial.

Herrera played for United from the 2014-2015 season to the 2018-2019 season, where he was an integral part of the center back line. He was a midfielder who performed well during United”s darkest days.

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