Germany’s Dortmund Confirms Parting Ways with Reus

Germany’s Dortmund Confirms Parting Ways with Reus… ‘End of 12 Years of Togetherness’

Borussia Dortmund in the German professional soccer Bundesliga agreed not to extend the contract with veteran midfielder Marco Reus (34), putting an end to 12 years of togetherness.

The Dortmund club said on its website on the 3rd (local time), “We have mutually agreed not to extend the contract with Reus, whose contract ends this season.

This summer, Reus’ special era comes to an end, the club announced. 온라인카지노

“Born in Dortmund, Reus showed rare loyalty by wearing the ‘Black & Yellow’ uniform for 12 years since 2012.

“Including his youth days, he has been with Dortmund for more than 21 years,” he said.

Now Reus is embarking on a new adventure.””

Reus said through the club, “I am grateful and proud of the special time I spent in Dortmund.

I have enjoyed every day in Dortmund for more than half of my life.

I am grateful to the fans for their support.”

Reus, a former member of Dortmund’s youth team, is a multi-attacking resource who can play as an attacking midfielder and winger.

He joined Dortmund in 2012 and wore the ‘hometown team’ uniform.

Royce has been a key resource for the team, scoring 168 goals in 424 official games over 12 seasons.

In the Bundesliga alone, he has scored 118 goals in 291 games.

Reus, who served as team captain from 2018 to 2013, received various awards wearing a Dortmund uniform, including being selected as ‘Bundesliga Player of the Year’ three times, ‘Bundesliga Best 11’ six times, and ‘German Player of the Year’ twice.

Unfortunately, Marco Reus was unable to lift the Bundesliga trophy while playing for Dortmund.



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