“I hit him too” Heo Woong’s ex-girlfriend says it was a two-way assault…eyeing past live footage

Basketball player Heo Woong’s ex-girlfriend, Ms. A, claimed that she was assaulted by Heo Woong, raising suspicions of a double assault.

On JTBC‘s “Case Captain,” which aired on April 4, a recording of a conversation between Heo Woong and Ms. A was revealed. In the recording, A shouted, “You hit me at OOO and broke my teeth, you didn’t take me to the hospital once because you cared about your image, and you aborted me to stop me from grabbing your ankles.”

According to Mr. A’s lawyer, in 2021, He Wong and Mr. A met at a hotel bar and had an argument. The two, who were separated at the time, continued to argue outside the hotel, where Ms. A claims that Heo broke her front tooth.

The broken front tooth was reportedly a laminate. On June 6, Heo Woong’s legal representative told a media outlet, “Heo Woong’s hand collided with Ms. A’s laminate treatment area while he was throwing his hand away after the argument. It was completely unintentional. Ms. A said, ‘Bite my tooth, please,’ in an affectionate way, and thought it was a joke.”

However, suspicions have been raised that Ms. A was not assaulted by He Wong one-on-one, but by both parties. In May of last year, Ms. A revealed this herself during a social media live broadcast.

Mr. B, a close friend of Mr. A, also appeared in the live broadcast. Mr. B said, “Mr. A was beaten up once.” In response, Mr. A said, “I got punched and (the laminate) broke. Some dog X punched me.” Mr. B responded, “That’s right. He hit me. He’s dribbling, he’s supposed to hit the ball, but he hit a human,” and made an attempt to bounce the ball.

Afterward, A said, “I didn’t report it. We were fighting and I did the same thing. It’s okay, everyone, calm down, please don’t use this in your gallery.” Mr. B responded, “What you see on the screen is fake. It’s a product. In reality, the person’s personality is separate,” he emphasized.

Mr. B’s relationship with Mr. A has deteriorated and has become hostile. In April, Mr. A received a deferred prosecution for drug use. Their relationship quickly deteriorated due to the suspicion that Mr. B had reported Mr. A.

On April 26, He Wong filed a lawsuit against A on charges of blackmail and attempted extortion. The two reportedly met through a mutual acquaintance in 2018 and became a couple, but broke up in December 2021 after repeatedly breaking up and getting back together for various reasons. A got pregnant twice during her relationship with Heo Woong, but had an abortion.

“After the breakup, Ms. A threatened to expose her personal life to the media and her club, and demanded 300 million won,” Heo Woong’s representatives said in their legal response.

Heo Woong then appeared on YouTuber Caracula’s channel to refute the allegations surrounding him and A’s claims.

On the 8th of this month, lawyer Noh Jong-un, a legal representative of A, claimed that “the secondary assault on A’s private life, which is not related to the essence, continues,” and that “there is a suspicion that Heo Woong’s side has fabricated some private life allegations related to A.”

“Our stance on responding strictly to secondary victimization remains unchanged. First and foremost, we will sue Mr. B, Mr. A’s old friend and informant, for defamation for spreading malicious falsehoods.” 카지노커뮤니티


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