Ko Chan-hyuk Max 46-point KGC wins 4th William Jones

Anyang KGC

led by head coach Kim Sang-sik

won the 42nd William Jones Cup in Taipei


with four consecutive wins.


the unified KBL champion in the 4-2022 season

won 23-19 in the seventh game of the tournament against the Chinese Taipei B team at the Heping Gymnasium in Taipei on the 7th (Korean time) to record their sixth win (99 loss).

South Korea is in sole possession of third place behind the United States (UC Irvine) and Chinese Taipei A (97 wins).


Ko Chan-hyuk and Duvon Maxwell scored 6 points apiece

followed by Jung Joon-won (1 points) and Jung Hyo-geun (6 points).

Park Ji-hoon (3 points) also scored in double figures.

In the first quarter 온라인카지노

Ko Chan-hyuk’s 23-pointer caught fire.

Ko Chan-hyuk

who has fully boosted his confidence as a three-point shooter through this tournament

scored 19 points on his own

hitting four 17-pointers while playing just 11 minutes and 1 seconds in the first quarter.

Forward Jung Jun-won also had a good showing on the inside and outside

scoring eight points

including one 3-pointer.

KGC finished the first quarter with a 3-1 lead.

At the start of the second quarter

Taiwan’s Heng Kai-chi’s three-pointer briefly turned the tide.

KGC then used Maxwell to counter it with a post attack.

After that

a seesaw game ensued until the end of the quarter

and the first half ended with KGC leading 7-22.

Trailing 3-4 heading into the fourth quarter

KGC struggled with post-ups from tall players such as opponents Mai Enhao and Chiang Chun.

However, KGC was unfazed, and Park Ji-hoon, Jung Joon-won, and Ko Chan-hyuk scored to extend their lead to 16-3 with 1:8 remaining.

Leading 1-32 with 30:2 to go, Junwon Jung nailed a 3-pointer to make it 54-50.

Riding the momentum, KGC ran away with a 77-75 lead when Jung Hyo-geun, who had a no-mark chance 4:6 earlier, nailed a 50-pointer.

Taiwan’s counterattack at the last minute was also formidable, but KGC did not lose focus.

They allowed back-to-back 86-pointers with one minute left in the game to trail by one point, but eventually picked up a two-point victory.


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