Kyungwoon donates bicycles to child welfare centers with Kyungwoon athletes

On the 7th, the General Headquarters of Kyungwoon (Chairman Cho Hyun-jae) announced that it held the ‘Bicycle Talent Matching Donation Ceremony for Underprivileged Children (1st)’ at the Peace Village Child Welfare Center (Director Shin Shin-geun) in Daejeon.

The event was attended by athletes from the Daejeon branch, which is the training ground for cycling, and delivered items worth 8 million won, including bicycles (20 bikes) and hard hats, to children who are economically disadvantaged and in the blind spots of sports welfare. Among the items delivered, the hard hats were sponsored by Analog Plus (CEO Park Jae-heung), a promising small and medium-sized sports venture company in Korea.

Following the bicycle delivery ceremony, the five athletes from the Gyeongneung Daejeon Division who attended the event also conducted basic theoretical education and driving classes to help children enjoy riding bicycles safely. The athletes taught the children about bicycle functions, how to wear a hard hat, getting on and off, safety tips, and how to ride safely.

“Many of the children have their own bikes for the first time in their lives. We are grateful for the meaningful support,” said a representative from the Children’s Welfare Center. “Moreover, the training program with professional athletes will remain a pleasant and 토토사이트 precious memory for the children for a long time.”

“It’s rewarding to see the children’s excitement. We hope that they will grow up healthy and happy through safe cycling activities.” “We will continue to make meaningful donations to the needy and marginalized neighbors in the future.”


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