Son Heung-min Questioned the Referee Before the Penalty Shootout

Son Heung-min Questioned the Referee Before the Penalty Shootout… “Why Don’t you Follow the Rules?”

Saudi Arabia’s former referee designates one side of the penalty shootout goal, Son Heung-min demands a ‘coin toss’ decision according to regulations

The fierce 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup round of 16 match against Saudi Arabia.

An episode in which captain Son Heung-min’s calmness stands out ahead of the penalty shoot-out is known and is attracting attention. 토토사이트

Korea entered overtime with Cho Kyu-sung’s miraculous headed goal in the Asian Cup round of 16 held at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar on the 31st.

However, both teams were unable to secure a win in overtime and ended up going into a penalty shootout.

Captain Son Heung-min went to the center of the ground and stood in front of the referee with the Saudi player.

At this time, a small scuffle broke out between Son Heung-min and the referee.

The referee unilaterally announced that the penalty shoot-out would be held from the goal post to the left of the headquarters seats.

Since a broadcast camera was already installed near the goal,

the idea was to conduct the penalty shootout there.

However, Son Heung-min did not accept this.

This is because the stands behind the goal that the referee mentioned were filled with only Saudi fans.

Son Heung-min said, “Why don’t you follow the rules?” and argued that the goalpost should be decided by tossing a coin.

It is known that the referee had no choice but to accept Son Heung-min’s stubborn attitude.

The coin thus thrown favored Korea.

Son Heung-min decided to use the goalpost, which is close to our bench and where the fans who came to support Korea, was the goalpost.

Goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, backed by the passionate support of Korean fans,

performed two ‘saving shows’ and was reborn as ‘Bright Hyun-woo’.

Although the victory in today’s game may not have been due to the location of the goalpost,

it is clear that the fans’ cheering gave strength to the players.



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