30Reb Coming from behind to win…KT&G’s Hee-Jung Joo and Seung-Jin Ha’s KCC reunion

Kyung Hee University exploded for late three-pointers to overcome an 18-point deficit. The win was even more meaningful because they were outrebounded by 30, 21-51. The matchup between Anyang KT&G (now Jung Kwanjang) and Jeonju KCC (now Busan KCC) on February 25, 2009 comes to mind.

Kyung Hee University pulled off a thrilling come-from-behind 81-73 victory over Chung-Ang University on Feb. 10 at Chung-Ang University’s Anseong campus.

After finishing the first quarter 10-21, Kyung Hee University was unable to close the gap in the second quarter. Down 26-40 to start the third quarter, Kyung Hee University 홀덤사이트 allowed a layup by Won Gun with 3:38 left to cut the deficit to 36-54, an 18-point deficit.

At this point, it was hard for Kyung Hee University to come back.

However, they got lucky. Seo Ji-woo missed two free throws with a chance to extend the lead to 20 points.

On top of that, her silent three-point shot came through. Kyung Hee University, which had only made three three-pointers in 27 minutes, started to pull away with 2:59 left on a three-pointer by Woo Sang-hyun. Ahn Se-joon added a steal and a three-pointer to cut the deficit to 44-54.

Two free throws by Seo Ji-woo with 0,3 seconds left was unfortunate, but the team entered the fourth quarter in a different mood than when they were down by 18 points.

Chung-Ang University missed four consecutive free throws in the final minute of the third quarter to extend the lead, committed a series of turnovers, and was called for a 24-second violation, giving Kyung Hee University a chance to catch up.

Kyung Hee University carried the momentum from the third quarter into the fourth quarter, hitting eight three-pointers in the fourth quarter alone, which ultimately turned the game around.

After hitting just three 3-pointers in 27 minutes until the final three minutes of the third quarter, Kyung Hee exploded for 10 3-pointers in the next 13 minutes, which was the driving force behind the comeback.

Most importantly, Kyung Hee won despite being outrebounded by 30, 21-51.

In men’s professional basketball, a team has won despite being outrebounded by more than 30 rebounds. It happened 15 years ago on February 25, 2009, when KT&G faced KCC.

KT&G was led by Joo Hee-jung, Yang Hee-jong, Hwang Jin-won, Calvin Warner, and Marquin Chandler. KCC’s best five was Byung-hyun Kang, Seung-gyun Choo, Micah Brand, Carl Mitchell, and Seung-jin Ha.

The game went to overtime, where KT&G, led by Joo Hee-jung with 34 points, five rebounds, eight assists and three steals, defeated KCC, led by Ha Seung-jin with 23 points and 15 rebounds, 91-86. KT&G was outrebounded by 31, 23-54, in the game.

Kyung Hee University also had an absolute advantage in miscues, going 9-22 against Chung-Ang University. KT&G was also 7-16 from the field against KCC. The three-pointers were also similar, with a seven-point difference between the teams: 13 vs. 6 and 10 vs. 3.

The only difference is that KT&G outscored KCC 9-0 on fast breaks by targeting their slow feet, while Kyung Hee University was only 4-8 on fast breaks compared to Chung-Ang University.

Controlling the rebounding doesn’t necessarily win the game. The games between Kyung Hee and Chung-Ang University and KT&G and KCC prove this.



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