SSG Landers’ second team managed to escape from a three-game losing streak.

SSG 2nd Team won 3-2 in the 20 KBO Futures League game against the Doosan Bears 2nd Team in Chuncheon on the 2023th.

While the first team dropped from second to third place after five consecutive losses

the second team continued to struggle from the starters to the bullpen to break the losing streak.

Fifth-year right-hander Seo Sang-joon 바카라사이트닷컴

who started the game

pitched five scoreless innings with one hit

two walks

and four strikeouts. After Seo Sang-joon’s hot pitch

Tae-sun took the lead with a timely double by Choi Yu-bin at third base in the bottom of the sixth inning and a solo home run by Kim Gyu-nam in the seventh.

After Seo Sang-joon’s pitching and scoring

Ahn Hyun-seo, Ryu Hyun-gon, Cho Kang-hee, Song Young-jin, and Han Doo-sol took turns on the mound to keep the team scoreless to secure the victory.

After the game, the coaching staff of SSG’s second team named Seo Sang-joon as an excellent player, saying, “It was the best of the last three games.

From the first inning, he put a strong ball over 2 kilometers per hour in the strike zone.” Sliders, forkballs, and changeup are a challenge.

Regarding rookie Song Young-jin, he said, “He has been showing signs of recovery recently.

He’s continuing to pitch well.”

Regarding sixth-year left-hander Han Du Sol, who finished the game, he said, “He showed a steady fastball.

He closed out the first inning cleanly.

Balancing pitching on a pitch that relies on power has given me a sense of stability.”

In addition, the coaching staff said of Kim Gyu-nam, who hit a home run, “He has been hitting aggressively with his swing lately.

The hit rate is increasing.

The response to the change zone is also good.”

In the first Futures game, the second team broke their losing streak.

Can the first team also succeed in escaping the losing streak against the first-place LG Twins?


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