‘Coburn Mole Buns’ Coach Kim Sang-sik ‘Basketball Together’ after Samsung’s win over Jeong Kwan-jang

These are the records that Kofi Coburn of the professional basketball Seoul Samsung put up in the first half of the home game against Anyang’s Kwanjang Jung on Thursday.

At 210 centimeters tall, Coburn, a “monster center” who boasts one of the biggest physiques in professional basketball this season, finished with a combined 32 points and 18 rebounds. He grabbed 12 offensive rebounds.

Still, he was the one smiling, not Samsung.

The 81-63, 18-point victory proved once again that basketball is a team sport.

After the game, Coach Kim Sang-sik said it was a victory for his “motion offense” basketball philosophy.

A phrase that Kim often uses, motion offense is more of a methodology than a specific tactic.

Ideally, the motion offense is based on organic passing and involves all players in the offense.

Kim wants every player on the team, both inside and outside the box, to showcase their individual offensive abilities while utilizing the flow of passes from their respective positions.

That’s exactly what Samsung did.

Unlike Samsung, where Coburn scored 32 points on his own, Jung Kwan-jang doesn’t have anyone with more than 20 points.

Instead, Park Ji-hoon (16 points), Choi Sung-won (12 points), Lee Jong-hyun (11 points), Maxwell (9 points), and Jung Hyo-geun (8 points) contributed evenly.

In particular, Lee Jong-hyun, who seemed to have lost a lot of confidence during his previous stint with the Goyang Sono, looked confident early on against Lee Won-seok, scoring 11 points in the first quarter alone.

“I’m 100 percent satisfied,” said Kim, whose team has won five straight games to move into sole possession of second place (7-3).

“In our motion offense, we focus on how the person who catches the ball should handle the ball and how the person who doesn’t catch the ball should move in the corner,” Kim said, “and now I think (the players) are turning around and coming out and making the right moves.”

“(Motion offense) doesn’t rely on one or two players scoring. It’s about multiple people moving around and seeing opportunities, and of course, scorers have to come and go, but every player who enters (the court) has to move well,” he said, adding, “We’re going to stick with it.”

Lee Jong-hyun, Jeong Hyo-geun, and Choi Sung-won are all transfers who have become mainstays under Kim’s offense. They join Jung Kwan-jang, who lost “big fish” like Oh Se-geun (SK) and Moon Sung-gon (KT) after last season.

“The new players may be unfamiliar to you, but this is something we emphasize as a team. If this works once or twice, they will gain a lot of confidence, thinking, ‘This is working,'” Kim said.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s coach Eun Hee-seok, who has lost six straight games, said, “When domestic players get an opportunity to attack, they should actively do so.”

Aside from Coburn, no one else scored in double figures for Samsung.

Aside from Asian quarterback Avan Nava and foreigner Ismael Lane (both with seven points), the top scorers were Kim Si-rae and Lee Won-seok with four points apiece.

Coach Eun said, “We can’t play with just one Coburn player. “We can’t do it with just one Coburn player, because the opponent only has to stop him,” Eun said, adding, “I wish we had a center of gravity in the squad. 파워볼사이트


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