Paul plays well in his return game.

The Golden State Warriors won 123-112 against the Washington Wizards in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., on Monday (Jan. 28).

Ace Steph Curry had 18 points and six assists, Jonathan Cuminga had 21 points and six rebounds, Klay Thompson came off the bench to contribute 25 points and four assists, and Gary 온라인카지노 Payton II had 13 points and four rebounds.

There was some big news for Golden State on this day. Chris Paul finally returned from injury. Paul had nine points and six assists in 22 minutes of action. He made three of his five three-point attempts and led the bench with his savvy game management.

For Golden State, Paul’s return is huge news. One of the Warriors’ biggest strengths this season has been their bench minutes, led by Paul. Dario Saric, Tracy Jackson-Davis, and Brandin Pogbaemski have all played well under his leadership. Saric and Paul’s chemistry, in particular, was one of Golden State’s best weapons.

The Warriors’ bench minutes, led by Paul, were also a key factor in their victory. After falling behind 23-25 in the first quarter, the Warriors bounced back in the second quarter with Paul’s bench minutes and carried the momentum into the fourth quarter.

Today, Golden State’s bench looks different than it did before Paul’s injury. Pozemski has moved up to the starting lineup and Thompson has moved down to the bench. It’s probably better for Paul. In fact, the chemistry between Paul and Thompson was very good in this game.

The combination of Paul holding the ball and orchestrating the play and Thompson making the moves when he doesn’t have the ball is not a bad one. Add to that Paul creating opportunities for Peyton II and Moses Mudiay with quality passes.

Golden State relies heavily on Curry and Draymond Green to orchestrate the game. When Curry isn’t healthy, the offense gets stifled. They don’t have a sixth man type player who can create offense off the bench on his own. That’s why Paul’s return is such great news.

Head coach Steve Kerr was happy to see him back. In his postgame interview, he said, “Paul’s return is very important. He played 22 minutes tonight and had a +17 scoring margin. He also helped Jackson-Davis and Saric with quality passes. It was a great performance,” he said, praising Paul.

Thompson also recognized Paul’s impact. “He’s our best point guard and he reads the game so well. When I make a move, he immediately notices me. It’s a lot of fun to play with him,” he said.

The addition of Paul adds another wing to a Golden State team that is 8-2 in its last 10 games. It will be interesting to see how far the Warriors can go.



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