Everything you need to know about Vera & John Casino withdrawal

Before you know the Vera & John withdrawal policy, it is important to have basic information about Vera & John.

Vera & John is an online casino run by some of the best and most experienced people in the field. It was made in 2011. At Vera & John, you can play live casinos, slot games, tournaments, jackpot and table games for the lowest $10 deposit online. 카지노사이트

Let’s learn more about it in this Vera & John casino withdrawal guide.

Casino bonuses and gambling requirements

Bonuses provided by online casinos act as a major factor in determining whether to make a first deposit to an online casino. Vera and John allow you to win money without having to deposit the actual money. You can get bonuses, play games through them, and make money.

It also separates players’ bonus money from their cash balance. In Vera & John, there are different wage requirements for each bonus. In addition, this betting requirement must be met by playing all kinds of games.

Vera & John needs 100% betting contributions to all slot and instant games, 15% betting contributions to roulette, Baccarat & Punto Banco, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold (all variants), Blackjack, Live Casino, and Pontoon.

When betting with bonus money, you should not bet more than 6.25 euros on a slot and 25 euros on a table game.

Bonus Type

  1. Welcome bonus

When you make a first deposit, you receive 50% or 100% of the deposit you make. There is no additional bonus when signing with Vera & John.

  1. Bonus cap

If you deposit a certain amount mentioned in the promotion through the promotion, you will receive a fixed limit bonus amount.

For example, you can get a fixed $10 bonus if you pay a $20 or more deposit.

  1. Spin credit

You also get a certain amount of bonus when you play a particular game or genre.

  1. Free Spin

Free spin obtained through certain promotions also helps earn bonuses. The prize money earned by free rotation is added to the bonus balance, not to the cash balance. This means that you have to make a bet on the bonus balance to cash them. In short, it’s a long way to cash them in.

There are other types of super spins to obtain bonuses such as trigger spin, pick spin, and top spin.

How can I withdraw my winnings from my Vera & John account?

Vera and John’s withdrawal is very easy. First, you must have an account in Vera & John. Log in to your account and go to My Casino > Withdrawal. A pop-up box will then appear. Select the desired withdrawal method in the on-screen.

However, to get the money back to its original source, you must choose the same withdrawal method as the deposit method. This rule does not apply only to deposits deposited with the master card.

How long does it take to withdraw from your account?

At Vera & John Online Casino, if your withdrawal request is approved by the payment team, it takes about three to five days to reach your bank account.

Does Vera and John handle withdrawals on weekends?

Vera & John’s payment team works on weekends. All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours. However, if there is a lot of traffic, it may take some time to process withdrawals on weekends.

E-wallet withdrawal

If you want to withdraw faster from Vera & John, choose an e-wallet as your withdrawal method. In the case of a bank account, the withdrawal amount of the original wallet can be reflected in the electronic wallet account within 24 hours compared to 3 to 5 business days.



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