Go Fish Card Game Rules

  1. Once the cards have been dealt, the dealer spreads the rest of the cards face-down in the middle of the table to create a “fishing pond.”
  2. Ensure that all cards stay face-down, so no one sneaks a peek. If you don’t have the luxury of space, you can just stack all the cards in the middle; this way, whenever any player needs to “go fish,” they would just pick up the top card from the deck.
  3. The person sitting left to the dealer gets to play first; this is a critical advantage of taking
    turns at being the dealer; everyone gets to play first at some point.
  4. Each player has to wait their turn to play. Thus, if you intend to win, you must maximize every given opportunity.

Go Fish strategy is about making reads on your opponents.

Try hiding cards you have if possible by not asking for those cards until you know other have the cards you need.

Count cards if possible (though this is harder than in other games).

Remember, you can continuously ask for the same cards to force more draws from the stock.

Clearing your hand as early as possible enables you more chances to win.

Keep a poker face, especially in games with more than 4 players.

How to Win a Game of Go Fish:
The game may be played until one of the players runs out of cards, but that doesn’t mean they are the winner! 카지노사이트 The game is won by the player who has collected the most sets of four like cards. So, unlike other card games that incentivize the player to “go out” as quickly as possible, Go Fish players are incentivized to stay in the game and collect cards.



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