Hyundai delivers donated goods to Pocheon Ginseng Farmers Association and Multicultural International School in Ulsan, Korea

Professional soccer 스포츠토토 K League 1 team Ulsan Hyundai conducted a joint social contribution activity with the Pocheon Ginseng Young Farmers Association.

The team visited its official sponsor, Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association, and Pocheon Multicultural International School on Nov. 23 to deliver soccer equipment and healthy food.

Pocheon Multicultural International School is an alternative school founded in 2005 by Pastor Shin Sang-rok and missionary members that provides integrated middle and high school education for students from multicultural families.

Kim Kwang-kook, CEO of Ulsan, Park Joong-won, CEO of Pocheon Ginseng Farming Cooperative, and Shin Sang-rok, principal of Pocheon Multicultural International School, attended the ceremony.

The joint social contribution activity was organized to commemorate the third anniversary of Ulsan’s sponsorship with Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association and to share the goodwill of the sponsor.

Ulsan has been conducting joint social contribution activities with various sponsors. Most importantly, the joint social contribution activities have allowed the team to build a closer relationship with its sponsors and maintain a sustainable relationship with them.

Mr. Shin Sang-rok, Principal of Multicultural International School, said, “We are grateful to Ulsan Hyundai for coming to our school and delivering gifts and encouragement to our students despite the long distance. We are also grateful to Pocheon Ginseng Young Farmers Union for sponsoring healthy food for our students and staff.”

Kim Kwang-guk, CEO of Ulsan Hyundai, and Park Joong-won, CEO of Pocheon Ginseng Young Farmers’ Union, said, “It’s great to be able to help someone by joining forces like this, and it’s even more meaningful to be able to showcase our synergy off the field and reach out to those in need. We will continue to create more good impacts together.”



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