Korea Swimming Federation, A Diagnosis of ‘Frostbite’ Came out

Sooyoung Lee Eun-ji, ‘frostbite‘ after receiving ultra-low temperature treatment at Jincheon National Training Center… 2 weeks diagnosis

Lee Eun-ji

National swimmer Lee Eun-ji (17, Bangsan High School),

who was training at the Jincheon National Training Center in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games,

was injured while receiving cryotherapy treatment.

An official from the Korea Swimming Federation said on the 30th, “Lee Eun-ji was injured while receiving cryogenic recovery treatment

while entering the Jincheon National Training Center.

A diagnosis of ‘frostbite’ came out and the medical staff recommended treatment for about two weeks,” he said.

“Currently, Lee Eun-ji is receiving treatment outside the athlete’s village.”

I can see it, but it can be a struggle to stay in shape.

An official from the federation said, “I am being treated with drugs containing steroids, but there is no problem in participating in international competitions as I have followed the TUE procedure.” Yes.

We will help players recover psychologically and physically.”

The federation added, “We are also investigating the process and cause of the injury.”

National Sports

The main body that operates the ultra-low temperature recovery treatment device is the close support team of the National Sports Science Support Center of the Korea Institute of Sports Policy and Science under the National Sports Promotion Agency.

The National Sports Science Support Center uses the same administrative building

as the Korea Olympic Training Center in Jincheon Training Center,

but is not an organization affiliated with the Sports Association.

Many athletes who entered the Jincheon National Training Center used this treatment device,

there is a case among swimming representatives who received cryogenic treatment from February this year.

It is known that this is the first time that Lee Eun-ji has been injured while receiving treatment for the treatment of Chocheon.

In a phone call, an official from the Sports Science Support Center said, “Athletes in various sports use ultra-low-temperature recovery treatment devices to quickly wash away fatigue.”

Case (including overlapping treatment) was performed.”

He added, “Last year, 1,062 cases were performed on 433 players, there were no side effects from treatment until Lee Eun-ji’s case.”

On the 25th

Lee Eun-ji received treatment using a cryogenic recovery device at the National Sports Science Support Center in Jincheon National Training Center.

Lee Eun-ji, who was unfamiliar with the use of cryogenic recovery equipment,

complained of pain after treatment and received a detailed examination outside the village.

While the medical team asked for about two weeks of treatment, Lee Eun-ji plans to focus on treatment for the time being.

Eunji Lee is the number one Korean women’s backstroke

who holds the Korean record for women’s backstroke (1:00:03).

At the World Championships in Fukuoka last July,

she participated as a member of the mixed medley relay 400m helped set a new Korean record (3:47:09).

Asian Games

At the Asian Games in Hangzhou, she will compete in the 50m, 100m, 200m backstroke and mixed medley relay.

Since it was difficult for her to do swimming training for more than a week, she had less time to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

With the Asian Games just around the corner, the Korean Olympic Committee, which has an emergency in managing its athletes,

receives data from the Sports Science Support Center and investigates which sports players have received treatment, asks the athletes to stop cryogenic recovery treatment before the Asian Games.

are also expected to be reviewed.



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