Taek-yeon Kim (18, Incheon High School), the Doosan Bears’ 2024 first round 2nd overall pick, received the best rookie treatment this year.

On the 14th, Doosan announced that ‘Kim Taek-yeon signed for a contract deposit of 350 million won.

350 million won is the same amount as left-hander Hwang Jun-seo (18, Jangchung High School)

who joined the Hanwha Eagles with the first overall pick in the first round of the 2024 rookie draft. 

Doosan expressed the club’s expectations by giving Kim Taek-yeon the best treatment as a rookie this year.

Doosan is trying to develop Kim Taek-yeon as the next closing pitcher. 

At this year’s U-18 Baseball World Cup, Kim Taek-yeon recorded 2 wins, 1 save, and an ERA of 0.88 in 6 games, receiving the tournament’s ‘Best Relief Pitcher Award.

His fastball, which runs up to 153 km/h, is his main weapon, and he is evaluated as an immediate force next season.

After completing the draft, the Doosan scout team said, “Nominating Kim Taek-yeon in the first round is the biggest gain.

Kim Taek-yeon’s vertical movement is at the top level even in the KBO League.

As the general manager said in the background of the nomination, Doosan’s back door will be available in the next few years.

He also expressed his expectations, saying, “I will protect you reliably.”

On the 12th, Kim Taek-yeon was selected as this year’s winner of the ‘Daeseon High School Choi Dong-won Award’, which selects the best pitcher in Korean high school baseball. 

Kim Taek-yeon was recognized as the best pitcher this year by pitching in 13 games in the high school baseball weekend league and national tournament, recording 7 wins and 1 loss, 64⅓ innings, 97 strikeouts, and an ERA of 1.13.  바카라사이트

Even before he joined Doosan, he has been making progress worthy of being treated as the best rookie.

Kim Taek-yeon is well aware of his club’s expectations. When he recently visited Jamsil Baseball Stadium, he said, “My first goal is to be in the opening lineup next year, and I think that if I stay in the first team, I can get on the mound in Jamsil someday.

I’m just thankful that I’m being talked about as a closing pitcher. The closing pitcher itself.

It’s important to the team and it’s a really important mission.

I don’t know where I’ll play, but I’ll always prepare so I can do well in any position.”

Doosan signed contracts with all 10 new players, including Taek-yeon Kim. 

Infielder Yeo Dong-gun (Seoul High School), drafted in the second round, was paid 150 million won. 

Although Yeo Dong-geon is short, he has a confident physique and is capable of 3 beats in the karate and jutsu.

A Doosan scout official highly praised Yeo Dong-geon, saying, “Yeo Dong-geon has the qualities of a 5-tool player.

He is fast, has a good arm, and the accuracy of his hitting is also excellent.” 

Although his height is relatively short at 173cm, he was still nominated in the top round considering Yeo Dong-geon’s possibility of being listed.

Yeo Dong-geon is a promising player who wants to succeed Doosan veteran shortstop Kim Jae-ho. 

Yeo Dong-geon said, “(The role model) is of course senior Kim Jae-ho.

Even if he doesn’t say it, he is the idol of amateur infielders.”

Kim Jae-ho said to Yeo Dong-geon, “Small height can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

If you show an aggressive side, the player will stand out more.

Then, I think he will be able to grow like Jeong Geun-woo.

Our team is currently like that.

It is true that there is a lack of characters like Akbari, so I think it would be helpful to show that side of him,” he said in support.

Doosan has a high barrier to entry into the first team for rookie fielders. 

Yeo Dong-geon said, “I want to play right away next year, but I’m going to wait for the most appropriate time.

I don’t think the timing of the best time is important.

I think it’s more important to bloom big and beautifully,” and said, “I will prepare well step by step and play in the Doosan infield.” I pledged to brighten the future

In the 3rd round, Lim Jong-seong (Gyeongbuk High School, infielder) signed for 100 million won. 

Lim Jong-seong is a player with a strong hitting ability and has excellent wrist strength and the ability to produce long hits.

In addition, Kang Tae-wan (Daegu Sangwon High School, outfielder) in the 4th round received 80 million won, Park Ji-ho (Donggang University, pitcher) in the 5th round and Jeon Da-min (Gangneung Youngdong University, outfielder) in the 6th round received 60 million won, and Kim Moo-bin (Shinil High School, pitcher) in the 7th round received 50 million won. Each contract was signed.

Son Yul-gi (Masan Yong Mago, outfielder), Kim Tae-wan (Seonrin Internet High School, pitcher), and Ryu Hyun-jun (Jangchung High School, catcher), who were selected in the 8th to 10th rounds, each receive a contract deposit of 30 million won.

Meanwhile, Ahn Chi-ho (Segwang High School, pitcher) in the 11th round decided to go to college and did not sign a contract.


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