refused some fans’ requests for photo services, but foreign media reviews were positive about this.

On the 11th (Korean time), the British Daily Mail reported, “Tottenham superstar Son Heung-min refused to touch the cell phones of some fans who asked to take pictures in accordance with his sponsorship contract.” “Fans who do not have Samsung phones are “This means you have to pick up your phone and take a selfie yourself,” the report said.

The report is related to a video recently uploaded on the short video platform ‘Tik Tok’.

In the video, Son Heung-min took pictures with fans at their request, and some wanted to take pictures with the national team uniform or Tottenham uniform in their hands. Accordingly, he handed his cell phone to Son Heung-min and asked him to take a selfie photo.

Son Heung-min did as some fans requested, but rejected some fans’ requests. What the rejected fans have in common is that they are iPhone users. Son Heung-min put his hands together and politely asked for their understanding, trying to provide fan service to the best of his ability. The fans also seemed to understand him. 지울프-토토

It is interpreted that Son Heung-min took this action after signing a contract as a promotional model for Samsung to ‘not use iPhones’. In fact, when a fan asked for a photo using a Galaxy cell phone, Son Heung-min personally took the fan’s cell phone and took the photo.

Accordingly, the British media ‘Sports Bible’ said on the 11th, “Son Heung-min became a public relations ambassador for Samsung’s Galaxy brand, and due to strict contractual regulations, he was not able to take a selfie with a single fan.” He commented, “They showed they were replacing it correctly.”

“In 2012, Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho had his contract terminated after drinking competitor Pepsi Cola during a press conference even though he was sponsored by Coca-Cola,” he said, adding, “Son Heung-min is responding wisely.”

Spanish media ‘Marca’ said, “Tottenham star Son Heung-min behaved differently depending on the brand of cell phone of fans.” A video showing Son Heung-min not being able to hold a cell phone is a hot topic, and this is an advertising contract that prevents him from promoting competitors’ products. That’s because,” he explained.

In addition, “Son Heung-min did not touch the iPhone device, but he took a selfie (as fans requested),” he said. “He respected the contract and made the fans happy.” “This is the most interesting anecdote,” he said.


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