Its Postekoglou Gained Trust Why did you Come to Tottenham

Coach Enze Postecoglou revealed the reason why he chose Tottenham Hotspur, his future resolution, and his beliefs.

Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ released an interview with coach Postekoglou on the 12th (Korean time). 

Coach Postekoglu is an Australian national and continued his coaching career in Australia.

 He gained experience in charge of the Australian age-group national team, and following Brisbane Roar and Melbourne Victory, he was appointed as the coach of the Australia A national team in 2013. 

After leaving the Australian national team, he played for Yokohama Marinos.

 He came to Celtic in 2021 after being in Yokohama. 

When he first arrived, public opinion was negative. 

This is because he is a manager from Asia and has no successful experience in Europe.

In his first European appearance, Coach Postekoglou regained the league trophy he had lost to Rangers. 

He became known in Korea as the coach of Oh Hyun-gyu, who joined Celtic last winter. 

This season, they also won the league and lifted the Scottish League Cup trophy. 

He also won the remaining Scottish Cups, achieving a domestic treble.  고스톱사이트

In Korea, he is known as the coach who coaches Oh Hyun-gyu.

Manager Postekoglou, who enjoyed great success at Celtic, came to Tottenham. 

Tottenham went through a farce of being called an acting manager after firing manager Antonio Conte, but ended up in 8th place in the Premier League (PL) and again unranked. 

In order to make up for his disastrous performance, efforts were made to appoint a manager. 

He contacted Julian Nagelsmann and Arne Slott, but all fell through. 

The person who took the helm was coach Postekoglou.

Compared to previous managers, his name value was lower, and although he was successful at Celtic, there were great doubts as he had no experience in the European big leagues. 

There was a power vacuum as Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich. 

Coach Postecoglou attempted to build a young team by recruiting players such as James Madison, Manor Solomon, Mickey van der Pen, and Guglielmo Vicario. 

There was also an attempt to actively hire young resources such as Fape Matar Sar and Destiny Udoji.

The team is producing results in the early part of the season by implementing a sophisticated attacking soccer strategy. 

With Coach Postekoglou, Tottenham has changed noticeably. 

Although Richarlison is unfortunate, his offensive power is maintained even with Kane out, and his overall performance is excellent. 

Even though they played for Tottenham, such as Eric Dier, they even showed boldness in excluding players whose skills are currently very low.

Coach Postekoglou, who is gaining the trust of Tottenham fans, said, “If it weren’t for the results, I wouldn’t be here (interview).

Everyone said it would be difficult, but the start was encouraging,” and added, “I like challenges.

It’s been that way throughout my career.

Tottenham is the best club in the world, but it hasn’t been successful for a long time and was poor last season.

That was my driving force.

In that situation, an opportunity came and I wanted to take on the challenge.

I thought it was an opportunity and the main reason I chose Tottenham.

He explained why he decided to come.

He added, “No matter which team I play, my soccer is the same.

It’s about making sure the fans enjoy the game every game.

It’s also my job to play soccer that allows the team to succeed.

Success is not sustainable. I just strive for victory while also being a fan of the fans.

My goal is to play soccer that excites the fans.

Of course, I want to win every game.

Trust me, my soccer is not about winning for the sake of winning, but about winning while playing soccer that the fans can enjoy,” he said.

He was reluctant to mention past directors. 

There is no need to talk about previous coaches.

There is no reason to talk about it,” he said.

All soccer players and coaches want to win.

While pursuing victory, how you play is also important. If you pursue the way you want, you will win.

will follow naturally,” he said, expressing his belief.

There was also player evaluation. “Several teams competed to recruit Madison.

I had my sights set on Madison early on.

Madison is a passionate person who will lead Tottenham to success.

I believe now is the perfect time for both Madison and Tottenham to succeed.

Madison “He plays an important role as a locker room leader along with Son Heung-min and Christian Romero.

I don’t go into the locker room every time, but the captain goes in and talks.

That kind of atmosphere should prevail,” he said.


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