Mbappe, a “non-transfer vacation,” and Monaco, not “Madrid,” are the destinations of the private plane…PSG-Real is ‘tug-of-war on transfer fees’

Mbappe, one of the players representing PSG, has been active as the team’s ace until last season since joining PSG in 2017, but has embarrassed the PSG club and fans by announcing his plans to move in the future ahead of this summer’s transfer market.

Mbappe originally signed a contract with PSG that would expire in June 2024, including an option to extend it by one year.In response, Mbappe said he had no plans to use the extension option, and even mentioned plans to leave the team on a free contract after the 2023/24 season. Mbappe has already asked for a transfer to go to Real Madrid ahead of the 2022/23 season, but this time he has clearly expressed his willingness to leave the team.

If the transfer market flows as Mbappe planned, PSG will have to send it to FA (free agent) next summer without receiving any transfer fees. PSG are in a position not to be dragged around by Mbappe, but to choose between a contract extension and a transfer this summer.

“If Mbappe doesn’t want to sign a new contract, the door to go out is always open,” Chairman Al-Kelaifi said at a press conference held at the clubhouse on the 5th. No one is bigger than the club. “This is the same for the player and me,” he said, pressing me to leave the team this summer if I have no intention of renewing my contract.

Since then, when Mbappe only expressed his intention to stay, PSG has decided to exclude Mbappe from the Asian tour list, and according to local reports in France, he is even willing to exclude him from the league and UEFA Champions League next season.



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