Lionel Messi (37, Miami) has clarified the ‘no-show controversy’.

Hong Kong media outlet ‘Dim Sum Daily’ reported on June 6 (KST), “Messi opened up about his absence from the Hong Kong friendly at a press conference. His absence from the match was due to an unfortunate injury,” the newspaper reported.

Messi’s team, Inter Miami, defeated the Hong Kong All-Stars 4-1 at Hong Kong Stadium on April 4. It was highly anticipated that Messi would play in the game, but he didn’t.

Hong Kong fans who traveled to the stadium to see Messi play were furious.

Another Hong Kong outlet, Yahoo Hong Kong, reported shortly after the game, “Fans packed into the stadium were very disappointed and booed at the end of the game. They shouted for refunds and called it the ‘scam of the century,'” said another Hong Kong media outlet, giving a vivid picture of the scene.

According to local reports, a Messi sign on the field had its head cut off by angry fans.

This is a clear indication of the level of fan anger.

“Messi has muscle inflammation and can’t play because the season is about to start,” Miami coach Gerardo Martino said, according to Yahoo Hong Kong.

When asked why he didn’t announce the news earlier, 온라인카지노 he explained, “It wasn’t finalized (the absence) until the afternoon before the game.”

The Messi saga spiraled out of control.

“The government and all football fans are extremely disappointed with Messi’s absence from the match and the club’s actions. The organizers owe all fans a satisfactory explanation,” the government said in a statement.

Tickets for the match, which Messi missed with a hamstring injury, went on sale in December and more than 38,000 fans bought tickets within an hour. Most of them wanted to see Messi play, but his “no-show” quickly turned fanaticism into anger.

Eventually, Messi took a stand.

“I was unlucky not to play on the day of the match against Hong Kong,” Messi said, according to Dim Sum Daily. “In the first game in Saudi Arabia, I felt discomfort in my adductor muscle and went to the bench. In the second game, an MRI showed that the adductor muscle was inflamed due to overload. When I tested the sensation and feeling, I didn’t feel any injury, so I tried to play against Hong Kong. We had an open training session in Hong Kong. A lot of people came and I wanted to play because I was with my kids, but I had to stop because I felt discomfort in my muscles,” he explained.

“In soccer, you never know when an injury will take you out. I always want to play, especially against Hong Kong because I know there are a lot of fans who want to see us, but I couldn’t play that game. It’s too bad. If we play Hong Kong again someday, I hope to play,” he apologized.


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