Shin Eun-joo, My dream grew while watching Woo Saeng-sun

Women’s handball captain Shin Eun-joo “I grew my dream while watching Woo Saeng-sun… I will follow in the footsteps”

Youngest Lee Hyewon, born in 2004, “Forget my age and make it a stage to show off myself.”

Shin Eun-joo (Incheon City Hall), captain of the women’s national handball team said,

“I also developed a dream while watching ‘Woo Saeng-sun'”

“I want to follow in the footsteps of my seniors,”

and expressed her determination ahead of the Paris Olympics, which opens in July.

Shin Eun-joo attended the media day for the start of training for the women’s national handball team held at the Jincheon National Team Training Center on the 20th and said,

“I also dreamed of watching Woo Saeng-sun, and I want to follow in the footsteps of my seniors. 카지노사이트

Although I am the most senior member of the national team, I work hard like the youngest on the court.

“I will work with my juniors to lead them to play an unbreakable game” he said.

Usaengsun’ is an abbreviation for the movie ‘The Best Moment of Our Lives’,

which was based on the women’s handball final at the 2004 Athens Olympics,

and is a representative modifier for women’s handball.

At that time, Korea won the silver medal against Denmark after a close match that included a second overtime and a throw-away match.

Coupled with the harsh reality of domestic handball,

not only the players but also the entire nation who watched the broadcast on a holiday evening cried, and it was eventually made into a movie.

Shin Eun-ju, born in 1993, this is her first Olympic appearance.

Shin Eun-ju said, “A difficult game is expected because the strength of the European teams has been leveled upward” and pledged,

“I will prepare as best I can for the remaining period with strong will and good teamwork.”

He expressed his determination, saying, “I will stick to my senior role as I can only play a good game if my seniors guide me well” and added,

“I want to play a game with no regrets, with the primary goal of advancing to the quarterfinals.”

Hyewon Lee (Busan Facilities Corporation), born in 2004, is the youngest member of the national team.

He has experience as a winning member of Korea at the 2022 Under-18 World Championships held in North Macedonia.

Lee Hye-won, who defeated European powerhouses at the time and won the championship said,

“I am grateful for the opportunity to represent my country at such a young age.

I do not think about my age on the court, but focus on what I can do and contribute to the team.”



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