U18 coach Byung-soo Kang emphasizes ‘motivation’ while using WKBL club’s gym

The U18 National Team and the WKBL are definitely motivating young players.

The U18 women’s national basketball team convened last month on the 22nd and has been practicing since then. On the 4th, they had a joint training session with Shinhan Bank in Incheon, and on the 5th, they had their own team training session before playing a practice game. On the 9th, they will travel to Busan to train with Busan BNK.

The U18s are getting a variety of experiences with the support of WKBL clubs. In May, the team traveled to Cheongju KB’s gym, then to Shinhan Bank and BNK, and now they have access to all six clubs’ gym facilities, including Bucheon Hana OneQ, 토토사이트 순위 Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, and Asan Woori Bank.

This experience is a great motivator for the players. “It’s not a common opportunity for amateur players,” said U18 coach Kang Byung-soo. Thankfully, the clubs helped make it possible. I hope the players will value it, especially when they are training with their professional sisters,” said Kang.

The players were also grateful for the opportunity. “It’s so nice to use professional facilities,” said Jung Chae-yeon. (Laughs) The weights, the gym, the accommodation, and the food are so good. It’s a big help.” ”Training with my professional sisters is also a very valuable experience. I think a pro is a pro after all. They are strong and talk a lot. Even if they are tired, they talk with consideration. That’s what I learned the most. I will talk more in the future,” he said.

Choi Ye-seul said, “It’s so nice to play for a professional team. The facilities are definitely different. It motivates me a lot. I can also train with my professional sisters. I’m learning a lot from that.”

The love of the older sisters who welcome the juniors is also a great support. “My older sisters, who have graduated from professional organizations, take care of me a lot. Of course, other professional sisters take good care of me, but (Heo) Yoo Jung is more comfortable and takes care of me because we went to school together. When I was at Shinhan Bank, she even brought me snacks.” Choi Ye-seul also expressed her gratitude, saying, ”(Kang) Gyuri is also from Chuncheon Women’s High School. I think that’s why she takes better care of me. I always felt comfortable with them, but it was even better to meet them in a professional club,” she said, referring to her classmates.



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