Supercomputer’s prediction, “I can’t win Manchester City.

Sports statistics company “OPTA” predicted that Liverpool, not Manchester City, will win the English Premier League (PL) for the first time this season.

Two matches were played in the 30th round of the 2023-2024 PL on the 1st (Korea Standard Time). Manchester City faced Arsenal at home, and the match between the two favorites ended in a 0-0 draw. Liverpool won 2-1 at home against the tough Brighton & Hove Albion.

While the top three teams played 29 games apiece, Liverpool F.C. scored 67 points (20 wins, seven draws, and two losses). Arsenal at the second place only had 65 points (20 wins, five draws, and four losses), two points behind. Manchester City, at the third place, had 64 points (19 wins, seven draws, and three losses), one point further behind.

Liverpool’s chances of winning the championship skyrocketed

토토사이트 People’s Association said that after conducting more than 10,000 simulations on the upcoming PL match, Liverpool has a whopping chance to win the title. Liverpool had the best chance to win the title at 35.3 percent before the match. However, after widening the gap between Manchester City and Manchester City to three points, the chance to win the title surged to 47.7 percent.

On the contrary, Manchester City was the favorite with a 45.9 percent chance of winning the championship before ending up in a draw with Arsenal. However, it has now dropped to 33.5 percent.

Manchester City had a 51.4% chance of winning the title in the 28th round, but suffered a setback after that, with only two consecutive draws. It was a draw against Liverpool and Arsenal. Supercomputer predicted that Manchester City would take the lead in the face-to-face confrontation, but since both of them ended up in a draw, the possibility was reduced.

Arsenal’s chance of winning the championship remains the same at 18.8% before or after the draw with Manchester City.

Manchester City has always been analyzed as the No. 1 candidate for the championship.

OPTA analyzed that Manchester City was always the top candidate given its overall team strength and past records. This was consistent despite the fact that Manchester City spent a long time not being in the lead. It was partly because Manchester City lacked more matches than Liverpool or Arsenal to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup during the season, and it was also worth considering Manchester City’s unique attitude and the winning percentage against strong teams. However, since the analysis showed that chances were overwhelmingly high that Arsenal would win the title at home, their chances of winning the title dropped significantly after the draw against Arsenal.

If this prospect is realized, Liverpool will be able to finish Jurgen Klopp’s final season beautifully. Klopp has already vowed to leave Arsenal at the end of the season. Liverpool is currently leading the PL, winning the League Cup early on, and reaching the quarterfinals in the UEFA Europa League. Up to three gold medals are possible.

There has been only one league championship since 1990.

The PL is definitely the most desperate trophy for Liverpool. Liverpool is a unique team that is stronger in cup competitions such as the European competition than in its own league. Since Klopp’s inauguration, he has been a favorite to win the title, but he has only won once in the 2019-2020 season, failing to surpass Manchester City’s one-shot lead. Since 1990, he has won the league only once.


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