‘There are no two mistakes’ Incheon’s Park Seung-ho: “I’ve been practicing passing a lot… Gerso said he’d buy me coffee”

Park Seung-ho picked up another assist, this time with an accurate pass.

Incheon United defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 2-0 in the fourth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Incheon Football Stadium. Incheon is now in fifth place with one win, two draws, and one loss (5 points).

After the match, we caught up with Park Seung-ho in the Mixed Zone, who earned an assist. “It was our first win as a team. As it was a home game, we tried a lot to get a win, 안전카지노사이트 and I think the result of our efforts led to the victory.”

The assist process reminded me of the last Ulsan HD game. It was a bit longer in Ulsan, but this time it was delivered precisely to Gerso’s feet. “We practiced passing a lot in training. I practiced passing while thinking about that scene, and when the situation came up, I was able to finish well,” he explained.

When Gerso scored, he hugged him and expressed his joy. “It was the exact image I had in my mind, and I was happy for that part. And I felt sorry for him, but I was able to relieve that feeling through the assist today, so I think that’s why the ceremony came out the way it did.”

After receiving the assist, Jerso promised Park Seung-ho coffee. “He said he’s going to buy me a coffee (laughs), so I’ll have to get it within the next week,” Park said.

Park Seung-ho can be considered a versatile player. He plays as a wing-forward, but can also be deployed in the middle of the field to play other roles. “I don’t feel awkward at all. I’m grateful just to be on the field. I play with the intention of doing my best in any position,” he said.

When Park Seung Ho appeared in the mix zone, he was holding a bunch of fan gifts in both hands. He said, “The fans have given me a lot of support, and it’s thanks to their support that I’ve been able to gain strength. I am grateful for their support, and I think we should repay them with good performances and results,” he said.

Next week, the team will travel to Gwangju FC. “My brothers are also preparing for the next match against Gwangju with great determination. We need to recover well in preparation. Then, we have to train well and repay them with an exceptional performance against Gwangju.”



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