He Patted Me on the Shoulder and Comforted me the Player’s Will to Play is Very Strong

 Kang Seong-hyung, manager of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, comforted Wipawi.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Korea Expressway Corporation will play the third round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V League at Suwon Gymnasium on the 7th.

The atmosphere of the two teams is different. 

Hyundai Engineering & Construction has recorded 29 points on a 5-game winning streak, and is on the rise as the only opponent to leader Heungkuk Life Insurance (33 points).  카지노사이트랭크

As 3rd place GS Caltex (22 points) has lost pace

only Hyundai Engineering & Construction emerges as a team capable of competing with Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Coach Kang, who met with reporters ahead of the game, responded to the assessment that Hyundai Engineering & Construction is Heungkuk Life Insurance’s only opponent

saying, “They’ve all lost, so is it still a rival?” “Kim Yeon-kyung is so good,” he said

laughing, and then added, “I’m glad that she’s gotten better. Ranking is a later issue.

If we keep our rhythm, opportunities will come later,” he said

adding that now is an important time to focus on the content and results of the game and not fall off.

Wipawi from Thailand, who joined the Asian quota, recently visited his hometown after the death of his father.

He joined the team on the 5th and is training and waiting to play.

Director Kang said, “I had a good time at Wipawi. He had a hard time before he went, but his expression didn’t look bad after he came back.

He patted me on the shoulder and comforted me,” he said, adding, “He really wants to compete. He is ready.

He said, “It is difficult for him to play as a starter, and we plan to substitute him after looking at the situation.

On the other hand, Korea Expressway Corporation urgently needs to change its mood.

They have recently suffered 3 consecutive losses and are in 6th place with 12 points.

Foreign player Bukiric does his part, but lacks the weight of an outside hitter.

Kim Jong-min, manager of Korea Expressway Corporation, said, “Now we need players with offensive power who can play well in one game.

It’s difficult because one side is blocked. 

It would be ideal to give only 15 to 20 points, but it is not easy. 

Tanacha’s physical strength was greatly reduced. 

It seems like he’s having a harder time because it’s not his position. 

I have to receive, and my offense is good, but I’m not good at handling difficult balls

he said, expressing his disappointment.

Korea Expressway Corporation was a winning team last season

but there was a power leak due to the absence of Park Jeong-ah and Jeong Dae-young.

Director Kim said, “I started with this level of determination.

I expected the first and second rounds to be difficult.

In the end, he is an offensive player, and I judged that he could go up depending on Tana Cha’s performance. 

anacha seems to have limitations as an outside hitter.

We need to complement it with domestic players, but I think we need to look at that more.

He has to keep his hands and feet in check while playing, but right now

I see him getting anxious because he’s losing a lot of games.

We talk about that a lot during training and prepare for it. I think I’ll have to watch today as well. I have to show it now. 

If that part doesn’t come out now, it will be too late,” he said.


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