Im Chae-bin, winner of the Sports Dong-a-Bae Grand Prix, “The main effect was to see the race before speeding up the lead group”

In the end, it was Lim Chae-bin who won the 13th Sports Dong-a-bae Grand Prix, the big match of the second half of this season.

In Sunday’s final, which was held at the Gwangmyeong Spydome 15 race on the 6th, Lim was the first to cross the finish line, showing off her overwhelming skills by winning more than one lap in advance.

On paper, it was a perfect victory that is hard to argue with. He did so with fellow Super Specialist Jeon Jong-kyu, who holds the only win over Lim Chae-bin among the six other competitors, behind him from the start. It was his trademark ‘catch me if you can’ tactic as he pushed the pace from the start.

Im Chae-bin’s confidence was overflowing throughout the race, and she finished the race cleanly and without a single crisis.

With the win, Lim is now undefeated in 39 races this season, including three Grand Prix victories.

After falling just short of a season sweep last year in the year-end Grand Prix to rival Chung Jong-jin, the general consensus is that this year’s victory is possible. This is because he is so much better and doesn’t allow for any gaps.

Experts believe that Lim’s inhuman performance is only possible because of the amount of practice she has put in. Her natural alertness and hard work make her an insurmountable barrier for ordinary players.

Park Chang-hyun, publisher of Expectation magazine, said, “Another advantage of Lim Chae-bin is that she always strives to make as few enemies as possible by emphasizing smooth and extensive interpersonal relationships with top athletes, even though she has a superior skill.” Lim often wins easily due to her popularity or falls apart when she encounters weak opponents during a race, but she “never loses her concentration from the start to the finish line.” She also has a strong mental attitude. Mental strength is also important.

“For the time being, it is difficult to stop Lim’s dominance,” he said, adding that attention will be focused on Lim’s record achievements, such as most wins, most consecutive wins, most prize money, most previous wins, and a two-way battle.

Lim took home 14 million won in prize money, while fellow Super Specialists Yang Seung-won and Jeon Won-gyu, who finished second and third, won 11 million won and 10 million won, respectively.

In her victory interview, Lim Chae-bin said, “I was anticipating that the three opponents would be in the lead, and I was measuring the timing to go to the front.” “It was mainly because I saw the game before the speed of the leading group increased, but it was a little tough because of the fierce competition,” she said.

Meanwhile, Professor Kim Jae-yup (Dong Seoul University), a gold medalist in judo (-60kg) at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, served as the master of ceremonies for the final. Professor Kim is one of Korea’s leading judo stars, having won a gold medal at the 1988 Seoul 사설토토 Olympics and a silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

In an interview, Prof. Kim said, “I am thrilled to be honored and to be able to deliver the ceremonial gun.” He added, “I think I beat the heat by watching the thrilling and exciting final race. I think it’s a very attractive sport.”


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