Unlike racing and horse racing, the positions at the start of a race often carry over to the finish line. It can be said that the early battles are very important because the podium position has been determined by the turn 1 mark after the start.

However, in recent years, there has been a lot of turn 2 position changes in addition to the turn 1 race, so it is said that it is more important to predict the turn 2 race than to predict the turn 1 race.

Reversals at the turn 2 mark generally follow one pattern. The player who controls the inside (inside lane) will naturally push or hold off the outside player, even if he enters a little late. The outside sailor will also try to press the inside sailor as much as possible, but if the inside sailor is able to hold on to the boat and reach the turn 2 mark without pulling away, the inside sailor will usually take the lead.

It’s a situation so common that it doesn’t even need an example, and now predicting who’s going to be on the inside on turn 2 is an essential part of the game.

This situation also makes the turn 1 race relatively simple. Poking is the most favorable way to gain control of the inside lane after the turn, so most of the time, except for the first turn, players will opt for a poke or whip tactic. This is why it’s not as common as it used to be to see a full-blown whirlwind battle.

As straightness becomes more important after turning, athletes are generally focusing their motor settings on improving straightness rather than turning. Even if you try to focus on the turning power, you can’t get the same turning power as before, so it’s popular to focus on the straight line power.

Add to this the fact that the recent hot weather has caused water temperatures to rise, further reducing motor power, and most players are focusing on straight-line power with a tilt angle of +1 or +1.5.

The higher the tilt angle, the better the straightness, but the more unstable the turning ability, making it more difficult to overtake a rider pushing from the inside of Turn 2 with a turn. Therefore, runners are willing to take some penalties in Turn 2 and dig deep to improve their position.

Therefore, while it is important to predict the development of the first turn, it is even more important to analyze which players will take control of the inside line 스포츠토토 after the first turn and play straight. Especially since even the strongest players often allow the inside player to reverse the game, you need to be more careful than before when choosing a winning move.

“The intense second-turn competition can make the game more exciting, but it can also make it harder to hit,” says the expert, “so instead of sticking to pairs, it’s a good idea to look at triplets and doubles to diversify your betting strategy.”


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