Its Advantage of Korean Ceremony to Win Gold Suffered the same thing Himself

A Taiwanese roller skater who won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games by outstripping the Korean national team that was celebrating before the finish line suffered the same upset loss at the National Sports Festival.

According to Taiwanese media such as the Korea Roller Sports Federation and the Today Newspaper on the 14th, the men’s 1000m roller skating final of the Taiwan National Sports Festival was held in Tainan, Taiwan the day before.

One athlete who participated in the race on this day held a ceremony by clenching his fists as if he was confident of his victory just before crossing the finish line. 

However, the player who was following did not give up until the end and put his left foot out to fight back. 

The gap between first place (1 minute 27.202 seconds) and second place (1 minute 27.172 seconds) was only 0.03 seconds. 카지노사이트

Surprisingly, the player who suffered a defeat was Hwang Yu-lin, who performed a great performance against the Korean national team in the roller skating men’s 3000m relay final at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

He anticipated victory in the match held on the 2nd and sprinted after Jeong Cheol-won, a member of the Korean national team, who was celebrating with his arms raised, and pushed his left foot across the finish line, winning the gold medal by 0.01 seconds.

At the time, Huang Yulin said after the game, “Coach always tells me to stay calm and see what’s in front of me.

So I deliberately tried to move forward at the last corner.

I saw the opponent celebrating.

I only had 10 meters left.

I “I wanted to tell them that I was still fighting while they were celebrating,” he said.

However, Hwang Yu-lin suffered the same defeat in less than 15 days. 

The athlete who reversed Huang Yulin was Zhao Zizheng, who also ran in the 3000m relay in Hangzhou.

Regarding this, many Taiwanese netizens left messages of concern and criticism on Huang Yulin’s SNS. 

Some fans even shared photos of the National Sports Festival and Hangzhou Asian Games.

As criticism continued, Hwang Yu-lin said on her Instagram story, “I feel relieved after finishing the Asian Games.

Even if there are mistakes in the process, I will continue to work hard in tomorrow’s relay race with the spirit of not giving up.”


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