Its Lee Jae-do’s Buzzer Beater No Problem Without a Backboard

In the Major League, whether or not Ohtani, the biggest free agent

will sign a contract is of utmost interest.

As all kinds of speculations were mixed, a rare incident occurred.

Ohtani’s final destination has been narrowed down to Toronto and the LA Dodgers. 카지노사이트랭크

At a time when everyone was on high alert

a charter flight from the airport near Otani’s house to Toronto was spotted.

About 4,000 people logged onto the real-time flight tracking website at the same time, and a short while later

a leading source even reported that “Ohtani is heading to Toronto.”

I thought it was decided that Otani would go to Toronto, but immediately there were many refutations.

Otani was neither in Toronto nor on a plane to Toronto.

It was also confirmed that the person who got off the charter flight was a Canadian businessman.

In the end, the matter came to an end when the expert who provided the incorrect information publicly apologized.

It was a rare event that showed the extent of Otani’s influence in just a few hours.

Lee Jung-hoo’s contract can only proceed once Ohtani’s contract is completed, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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