K-Free Throw Attracts Attention in the US Is the Backboard Effective

This is a scene we often see in ‘our’ professional basketball, right?

A so-called ‘bank shot free throw’ that hits the ‘backboard’ first instead of aiming straight at the rim.

This unique method of Korean basketball has recently attracted attention overseas.

This is the ranking of free throw success rates in professional basketball this season. 바카라사이트닷컴

From Choi Seong-won, who is in first place with 91.4%, to Lee Jae-do, with 89.2%, and Jeon Seong-hyun, with 85.7%

three of the top five players make free throws that hit the backboard first.

A unique method that is rarely seen in the U.S. or in overseas leagues.

Recently, international basketball experts took interest and attracted attention, and the New York Times even met with our players in person and analyzed the so-called ‘K-free throws.’

[Deyonta Davis/Sono]
“It was my first time seeing it in basketball, and I was shocked by the backboard free throw because it was not normal.

But since it goes well, it helps the team, so I think it’s good.”

[Jeon Seong-hyun/Sono]
“I didn’t know it would become such an issue overseas. Nowadays

bank shots seem to be shot that way because they think they can go in as long as they hit the backboard, and I think the biggest psychological factor is there.”

Is it really effective?

In the past, researchers at an American university conducted a computer simulation and claimed that the backboard reduces the elasticity of the ball and controls its trajectory

resulting in a 20% higher success rate.

But the counterarguments are also formidable.

Compared to shooting directly at the rim

the shooting distance is longer and the body exerts more force, so accuracy is likely to be lower.

[Moon Kyeong-eun / KBL Game Director]
“(Kim) Hyun-jun started shooting after seeing his older brother shoot the backboard (shot).

There are more things to think about (the backboard shot).

You have to control your strength and the amount of rotation of the ball.

I would not recommend it to beginning basketball players and would discourage them.”

The method of using the backboard in Korean basketball is so special that there are now players who go beyond free throws and even attempt three-point shots that hit the backboard on purpose.

As interest from overseas basketball fans increases, it is becoming a new topic of conversation.


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