Kim takes first steps to establish KYK Foundation Digital Membership

Women’s professional volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung (35-Hungkuk Life) has taken the first step toward establishing a foundation.On June 6, Ryan At, which is in charge of Kim’s domestic management, said, “Kim will establish the foundation ‘KYK Foundation’ early next year.” “The foundation aims to discover and nurture various sports talents and positively influence the development of sports.”As a preparatory step for the foundation’s establishment, Kim introduced the KYK Foundation Digital Membership, a form of donating proceeds from the sale of digital products.

“We have been preparing to launch the foundation for a long time. There were many difficulties, but I always dreamed of a foundation project to revitalize youth sports and develop domestic sports, so I prepared with more affection and hard work.” “Through the digital membership project, we will be able to share the experience of purchases leading to sponsorship, and provide fun and collectile value.” All digital membership subscribers will be registered on the foundation’s donor list.The Membership Project is open until 카지노사이트킹 March 31. As of 5 p.m. today, more than $110 million has been raised.


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