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Korean women’s baduk defeats Hong Kong to advance to Asian Games finals

Korean women’s baduk defeated Hong Kong and advanced to the finals.

The Go women’s national team defeated Hong Kong 3-0 in the Go women’s team semifinals held today (2nd) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences branch in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

7-dan Kim Eun-ji defeated 2-dan Jen Ying in 162 moves, and 8-dan Kim Chae-young defeated amateur Li Loi in 144 moves.

Oh Yu-jin, 9th dan, also defeated Ryu Wi-shin, 2nd dan, in 179 moves, and Korea did not lose a single game.

In the semifinals across the country, China defeated Japan 2-1 and advanced to the finals.

The women’s national team won all five games in the previous preliminary round and advanced to the semifinals.

At that time, in the third round of the preliminary round against China, 9-dan Choi Jeong and 9-dan Oh Yu-jin defeated China’s 5-dan Li He and 7-dan Wu Ziying, respectively, and Kim Eun-ji lost to 5-dan Wu Yiming.

Korean Baduk, which finished the men’s individual 스포츠토토 event with a bronze medal, is aiming to win the men’s and women’s team event as well.


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