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The important ‘draw’ against Incheon, a positive factor that coach Kim Ki-dong found

Pohang Steelers, led by coach Kim Ki-dong, drew 1-1 with Incheon United in the first game of the 34th and final round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Pohang Steel Yard on the 20th. Pohang, with 59 points, maintained second place and narrowed the gap with leader Ulsan Hyundai (67 points) to 8 points.

After the game, Coach Kim said, “We attacked irregularly, but it was ineffective. We made a change, but lost the goal due to a goalkeeper mistake. At halftime, we said we should do better in what we did well and we did well in the second half. I think we should have done what we were good at from the beginning. There was a chance to turn things around, but it’s unfortunate that we didn’t win. Still, I’m glad we followed through (by one goal) and won at least one point. “If we had lost, we would have been in a bad mood, but I think we can go to Japan in a good mood.”

Coach Kim said, “Jaehee approached the game cautiously. He did well considering it’s been a while since he played. I tried not to let Sangmin run. On the left, (Park) Seung-wook is not left-footed, so it is difficult. So, after discussing it, I put it in. You will have gained confidence that you can do it. “I think it is a harvest for the team,” he said positively. He continued, “When I asked him before the game who the player he was looking forward to was, he thought to himself that it was Jeong Jae-hee. After he scored he shouted ‘Awesome’. He also told Jaehee. “Jaehee added it, but it ended up being off,” he added.

Additionally, striker Kim In-seong was brought on in the second half and then replaced again. Coach Kim said, “I decided that (Hong) Yoon-sang would be better than In-seong in a situation where the opponent was down. “He had a perfect chance, but he didn’t go in and it’s a shame,” he explained.

Pohang travels to Japan on the 22nd to prepare for the Asian Champions League (ACL) group stage match against Urawa Reds. Coach Kim said, “It would have been more complicated if we had lost. “I think we have to do it as planned,” he emphasized.



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